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Her work utilises a wide range of artistic mediums from linography, silk-screen printing, to collage, drawing and making short animations. Whether working on a project she has been given or personally sets herself, what she particularly enjoys most is the opportunity to problem solve. Depending on the subject matter, she fluctuates between working methods to produce imagery she feels best suits the themes she’s working on and the ideas and outcomes she has in mind.  An avid skateboarder from early teenage years to present, she is constantly motivated by her surroundings and experiences from skating through city streets and spaces, using her board as a tool to explore somewhere new. Her practice often documents her travels from a skateboarder’s perspective to cities around Europe, New York and Montreal with collections of memorable objects, architectural shapes and buildings and patterns she finds within these places. Whilst most of her work tends to explore skateboarding and its sub-cultures, her sensitive use of mixed media invites a wider audience (not necessarily skater-orientated) to enjoy a more personal experience of travels and skateboarding.

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